With passion for life


Simple, chic, and subtly significant, Blue Poppy Handmade Jewelry harmoniously intertwines timeless design with the unique and personal art of storytelling. The pieces, sweet with simplicity and understated glamour, gracefully capture profound moments and personal meaning, seamlessly breathing the life of the wearer into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

 The eco-conscious line of understated jewelry is the creative love child shared between sisters, Jill Redman and Erin Bartles. As new mothers, the duo watched in awe as their most important creations, their children, grew - and as their roles in life multiplied, the moments within each day grew profoundly significant and relationships more meaningful.



It was from this inspiration that Blue Poppy Jewelry is rooted – a harmoniously timeless and modern collection dedicated to mothers, sisters, and friends and the shared moments that forever shape our lives.


Charmingly avoiding the redundancy of cliché trends, while rhythmically remaining of-the-moment, the free-spirited designs within Blue Poppy Jewelry channel moments of significance, various forms of love, and personal empowerment through feminine and simplistic necklaces, stacking rings, and bracelets.